I've build the Lightning Mixtape

Each track on the mixtape costs max. 210 sats and is paid directly from the listener's wallet to the artist!
This is a technical showcase of what we can do with that lightning tech (WebLN+LNURL+LSAT).

What do you think?
Any artists around here who wants to give it a try?

@bumi I have many tracks I can contribute to this. Please let me know how this works.

@Unabart yay, cool.
do you already have a Lightning Address?
if so, you can upload here:

songs will only be fully played when somebody paid the amount directly to your LN address.

@bumi Downloading a wallet to my iPad with a lightning address option. Will send tracks once I get home. I self released an album in 2021 that I’ve done nothing with. Been looking to add it to jukeboxes, etc.

@Unabart nice, you can get an ln address :) - let me know if you need help

@bumi OK! I added several tracks. Ready to watch the money roll on in! 🤘🏼🤪🤘🏼

@bumi Cool! I will spread the good word. I have interviewed some artists on my podcast, EGO NetCast. See my profile page on Bandcamp.

@bumi does this use actual bitcoins, and the transactions are classic Bitcoin transactions ? With the obvious environmental drawbacks attached to that technology?

@stragu it is using the lightning network, which is a scaling technology for actual bitcoin.

and if that is a concern that you have I recommend checking out the lightning network.

@bumi right, so relying on a cryptocurrency that uses an amount of electricity comparable to Egypt's consumption, trending upwards. And about 400 g of e-waste per transaction currently (which arguably the lightning network could lower, but still).
Does lightning do anything about that? Or even talk about it? I couldn't find anything.

@stragu what you say there per transaction is wrong. that is a common misconception. there is no correlation between the amount of transaction and the computing power that is used by the network.
the lightning network is a scaling technology.
paying a song is not much more than sending a few data packages. but this still is on the open, global network using the neutral, censorship resistant, hard asset.


Cool idea and some nice tunes. I uploaded a track :)

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