Did a Bitcoin Lightning Experiment:
A Lightning enabled feed reader that allows paying the author of an article directly from the reader.

It adds lighting support to @feedbin and loads LNURL details from the RSS feed item.

I'd love my feed reader to be my online news kiosk.

What would have happened to feeds if online payments were lightning simple?

We need open platforms that do not require middlemen to transact between consumers and publishers.

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shout out to my favorite online feed reader @feedbin

which is also open source and thus allowed me to that experiment.

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And if you think: "Help, What are feeds and RSS?!"
You find all you need to know on by @genmon

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@bumi Yes, feedbin.

Will you do a pull request for adding the functionality?

@bumi That's awesome! This is really what I want to be the future or publishing and content-consuming. Pay-for-like. Pay when you like something.
Ideally just a one-click thing where you tip a default amount of like 50 cents.

@stevenroose yeah, same for me, that's what I want. :)
The autopay allowances could easily be done - need to experiment with the UX.

sadly RSS does not have any standard field for the payment information. Any idea how to best embed that?

@bumi I don't know where the RSS standard lives.. Can't you somehow propose extensions?

@stevenroose yes, I guess I can add a custom namespace. (as I did)
was hoping maybe there is already some standard that could be used for that information.

Do you think it's worth publishing?

@bumi Something tipping related, sure. Not sure if the current standard for lightning payments will make it in. But perhaps some kind of "payment URI" field that can have any URI like bitcoin: or lightning: or whatever web payment standard people are working on, that might work. Even though I suppose you might want to support multiple payment standards.
There's a W3C working group for web payments. I know one of the guys that runs it (or used to). They might have some general scheme.

@stevenroose yeah, that's what I thought.
I also think entries in atom feeds can have "link entries. e.g. <link rel="payment">lightning:...</link>

I used to follow the working groups, but making web payments general is super hard.
using lightning as a protocol to send value is just plain simple.

@stevenroose @bumi
yess I really would love to see something like this arise in the coming years.

Platforms already track tons of usage metrics (time spent viewing content, likes, shares, etc), it would be simple enough in concept to monetize these sorts of actions. Content consumers pay a small monthly fee, content creators get paid, and the platform could take a cut to cover their costs.

@stevenroose @bumi
maybe the difficult thing is the regulation around the platform paying out to content creators - they would probably run into bs KYC issues running a business like that in most jurisdictions. Finding a way to make the payment handling non-custodial would be ideal, I think.

@htimsxela @stevenroose @bumi Why have a "platform" as middleman? I think the point of doing this with RSS is that nobody can track your behavior, and nobody needs to in the first place.

@raucao @htimsxela @bumi Hmm the point isn't as such that no one can track you. It's more that no one is intermediating between content creators and consumers. In the physical world, we needed things like magazines and physical stores. On the web you can pay anyone. So why would a platform need to be there? I can pay my favorite magazine, blogger, writer, podcaster,... directly

@stevenroose @htimsxela @bumi I mean, the two points are related. Would you want a publishing house to record exactly which pages of which magazines you read, and for how long? It's creepy and only necessary when selling ads. Which is a broken model to begin with, because those numbers are so easy to fake.

@stevenroose @htimsxela @bumi (Not even speaking of how that data gets handed to hundreds of companies creating profiles of you, when you read a single magazine website, of course.)

@raucao @htimsxela @bumi Of course not. But that's not the point of the experiment of publishers putting payment information in their RSS feeds. At least for me it wasn't. It's primarily for the publishers to get paid more by getting rid of the middle man.

@stevenroose @raucao @bumi
right, I mean I really would love to see a clever way to make payments work in an RSS feed or whatever, but making payments work across platforms more generally, that would be really cool. Remove middlemen from the exchange of value between the content creator and consumer, but otherwise let them exchange data in whichever way they want.

@htimsxela @stevenroose @raucao that demo sends the payment directly from the consumer to the content creator. the reader is only the interface.
the content creator adds payment information in the RSS feed, the reader displays those and the consumers pay with their wallet.

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