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Using Xiaomi Flora + HA + Homebridge to monitor soil temperature, soil moisture and light intensity of my hydrangea pot in HomeKit. The sensor detects soil conductivity too, but HomeKit does not have such characteristic.

Wednesday Berlin: Mogensen-Scott Encoding (by Alexander), Type of Sound (by Daniel) (@ red pineapple media in Berlin)

@raucao feels like I just discover the tip of the iceberg of the many who are working quietly in a different space (after noticing the ccc existence). feeling excited now to find out more unknowns at the 34c3 congress!

of course, we have to take care of the human part also haha. we should not be critical to people, but for ourselves, we might be able to keep it as reminder.

yes, compromises - we know, we open it up, and we admit frankly. similar like preferences

we are programmers, have to be technical exact, and reasonable.

also, sometimes we know we are not exactly right, others might not be exactly wrong as well. as simple as that, no ego

Engineering is 90% making compromises. So much so that we miss opportunities to have our cake and eat it too. Not everything is a dichotomy. 10% is finding unco…

Reminder of how much some dudes in this industry hate women.

This comment is on my Quantum article, the 20th most upvoted post on Hacker News of all time

wondering where do they get green papayas to make somtum in berlin? (at @BangkokCityDe in Berlin)

Missed yesterday? You can watch the pitches here: @elishatan @cheeaun @ValentineChua

Results are in!

But 2/3 guessed the wrong answer. Correct result was "Bfunction B…" because the "function" is hoisted to the top and converted to a string with "B"+B. The "toString" override won't be called then, because B is already a Primitive.

Space is colonized to store data, a professor tries to prove that she invented a cryptocurrency, a programmer debugs an alien starship - I published 10 short stories on GitHub ( and for Kindle

New showcase of for local stats.... Gapminder Style! Open source!
Image shows: Suburbs of Stockholm! If you've got local stats you need visualised: contact

I am unreasonably excited about the new Always Connected laptops. Low-power, long runtime, thin, light, 1Gb connectivity. Everything I need.

junior dev: "i found the bug"
senior dev: "i found a bug"

and they even have “Sai Kok Esaan”, (Northeastern style sausage) - which last time I had to chase the vendor who goes around on his motorbike selling them 🏍🏃

Khao man gai - one of the most common food in Thailand, but hard to find it outside (@ Papaya in Berlin)

⚡️ MeasureKit is now available on the App Store!
Whatever you want to measure, we have a tool for that

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