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Space is colonized to store data, a professor tries to prove that she invented a cryptocurrency, a programmer debugs an alien starship - I published 10 short stories on GitHub ( and for Kindle

New showcase of for local stats.... Gapminder Style! Open source!
Image shows: Suburbs of Stockholm! If you've got local stats you need visualised: contact

I am unreasonably excited about the new Always Connected laptops. Low-power, long runtime, thin, light, 1Gb connectivity. Everything I need.

junior dev: "i found the bug"
senior dev: "i found a bug"

and they even have β€œSai Kok Esaan”, (Northeastern style sausage) - which last time I had to chase the vendor who goes around on his motorbike selling them πŸπŸƒ

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Khao man gai - one of the most common food in Thailand, but hard to find it outside (@ Papaya in Berlin)

⚑️ MeasureKit is now available on the App Store!
Whatever you want to measure, we have a tool for that

My time working with has really changed how I write code outside of UI dev.

My first thoughts on a feature are now: How can I contain all state in a singular place, how does that get modified, and how do others access it?

Before it was just: what is the simplest code?

Which are you likely in the direction towards?

Don’t-care-anyone-n-abuse-freedom ⬅️ you ➑️ Grumpy-negative-about-everything.

we should always remind ourselves with such conciousness. I just feel uncomfortable seeing these characters, I still like nice and positive people

One more keyboard at Keyboard Club @ Substantial

when you see there are so many open source computer-ish apps in f-droid 😱

too bad restricted by the android ui , and java..

How 's can leapfrog other languages,

by Zach Oakes (the Nightcode editor guy):

Worth reading, even if just because of how it begins:

"Like many of you, I've often wondered what my final regret will be on my deathbed."


RT Welcome to the future! :P
Windows 3.1 running on DOSbox ported to webassembly rendered with webVR. Because

Functional programming in our code base gets better with refactoring. The more you learn in new things, the better you make the old ones. Make smaller, more composable functions, and don't hide them from yourself in loads of files.

I’m walking very fast these days πŸƒπŸ’¨

it’s cold out there, and I think it can generate heat πŸ”₯πŸ˜…

πŸ₯š- before it looks like duck 🀣
very common now to see lost in translation/interpretation, egg-typing in short messages like tweets. I think it is hardly a good communication channel for context sensitive info.

also driven by skepticism, bad assumptions/neurons

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