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We just built us a little LED sign for putting on a table during @hackerbeach. First version:

In front of a night club in Berlin, facing new apartment buildings on the other side of the street.

Finally a true developer conference for Ethereum/Solidity app development, and a non-profit community conf at that:

Been waiting for something like this for quite a while, and now it's happening in like 2 weeks, right here in Berlin.

Current location search for Hacker Beach #7 (January 2019) has everyone excited about Uruguay. If anyone has suggestions for particular coastal villages or towns there, we're all ears!

trying out tiddlywiki again...

seems like a lot of improvement done since the last time i tried.

back in university time, my project was about building an email client on top of tiddlywiki but I didn't succeed....

First video documentation from our last conference TERROR FEEDS: Inside The Fear Machine is online now!
RISE OF THE CALIPHATE: How ISIS Became a Global Threat | Nov 24
With @sueturton @charliewinter Moderated by Mauro Mondello

Upgraded Airbnb's server side renderer to v8.9 from v6.11 ๐Ÿš€

Avg server response time fell 32%, P95 fell 50%, but P99 doubled (seemingly due to slow gcs). Boot-up time improved 30%. Adds to our React 16 wins ๐ŸŽ‰

Code, conferences and noodle soup - a summary of how I spent 2017 doing devrel in UTC+5 and above.

If you watch the โ€œwhite helmetโ€, I remember there is one who spoke about the two roles he was thinking to choose: one is fighting at the frontline, the other one is doing the humanitarian work in the background. things are not just one way, both are needed.

I just tried to start this move recently: whenever I see someone is doing something good to others, I will give them a thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘ literally. e.g. give up seat to others, helping people to open door.

I just had this convo w someone in the meetup, around digital security: if we want to be just pessimistic about the situation, we might ended up hopeless and not constructive.. but if there are still something motivating and importantly helpful, even some potential improvements, then maybe it's not too bad? Idk, seems like some of these things covers many dimensions and complicated in its nature..

Checking out crypto talks today. I was actually curious because of their haskell code. its ios/android protocol code is in rust (at @Wire HQ in Berlin)

If you personally run, work at, or know people at a registered non-profit organization, please direct them here to apply for some free magic Internet money:

Using Xiaomi Flora + HA + Homebridge to monitor soil temperature, soil moisture and light intensity of my hydrangea pot in HomeKit. The sensor detects soil conductivity too, but HomeKit does not have such characteristic.

Wednesday Berlin: Mogensen-Scott Encoding (by Alexander), Type of Sound (by Daniel) (@ red pineapple media in Berlin)

@raucao feels like I just discover the tip of the iceberg of the many who are working quietly in a different space (after noticing the ccc existence). feeling excited now to find out more unknowns at the 34c3 congress!

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