@rburns what happened to the ones before that? bookmarked? should have a โ€œsave all as one pdfโ€, read them like a book

Thailand's disappeared Karen activist Billy and the burned village bbc.in/37t4g24

A long one but real mystery

โ€ชThe mystery of Dyatlov Pass - In the dead of winter, a group of nine Russian students disappeared in the remote Ural Mountains. bbc.in/36W5ov2 via @BBCNewsโ€ฌ

The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money.

10 sailors paid with their lives. propub.li/350cEV3

been watching this series of โ€œevolution of evilโ€ youtu.be/WxaWmqgmJxs all these histories of evil leadership and influences to the people just chills me to the bone.. ๐Ÿฅถ

e.g. subscribe to Facebook for free/money, Facebook subscribe to you in order to use your data (paid of course). unsubscribe anytime to lose access, any personal information retrieved in reidentification has a serious penalty

maybe in the future - companies should not be allowed to keep our personal content online for longer than certain period i) you can have your online storage and hosted/owned by yourself ii) saves space and energy if we take our personal thing offline iii) you can buy server/storage like you buy a part of a server land, forever/99y is yours. iv) or you can donate/sell your personal info/life for for-profit/research purposes. v) turn personal thing to blog/content for contribution to the internet

Just learned that this guy โ€ช@vilvaathibanpbโ€ฌ did 6 talks in meetups in October 2019, crazy dev! but yea it was interesting hack and tell today hosted by @prisma about , interetinb example of WS subscription! keep up the good hack!๐Ÿค“

Went to a meetup hosted by @XAIN_AG, evangelize about federated learning, interesting.. itโ€™s a good first step, a bit like differential privacy, also chicken and egg problem about โ€œopenโ€ data and improve tech about ML (from the discussion and I think)

the metaphorical side of โ€œHotel Californiaโ€, always heard about this song in live music places and sometimes sick about it but good to know..

โ€œYou can check out anytime,
But you can never leaveโ€

Hadi: ML was adopted by YouTube/Facebook in 2017 removed many important contents/evidence, many of these documents are useful for court to identify criminal offenses

@syrian_archive founder shares about his work and challenges

@syrian_archive @disrupt_berlin

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