The website of Malaysia-Singapore VTL / quarantine free travel lane is currently flooded with traffic and experiencing downtime

Maybe we need some staircase that can generate some free electricity when we walk down or up. *while looking at the many people commuting in the subway/train station everyday

We should probably disallow Facebook to change name to meta, now I’m getting negative whenever seeing a company named β€œmeta-β€œ πŸ˜†

After years of lonely remote work before this, now I’m finally feeling some warmth having the coworkers around me. People, I always like having people around.

Rant about Berlin 

It’s difficult to even try to ask for my missing registered package sent from Singapore to Berlin. I went to post office, then got directed to call customer service. They hung up my call when I started speaking English, twice πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Living in an environment with shitty services and downright rudeness sometimes just too much, I can imagine people can’t help but turning into the same to survive. Even it’s like international city, some experiences are more German than German.

The Andorra official guide has good details of information for cycling, hiking, lakes route, climbing, via ferrata etc.

Andorra alpine trout is so tasty, pinkish flesh and the Andorran style cooking πŸ”πŸ€€ (13eur = 3 course lunch)

Human anatomy 

Survived a video full of real body parts 😳 but still pretty cool to learn like this

just burst into laughter after watching the bizarre news

β€œTaliban has an estimated $212 million worth of US military aircraft, vehicles, ammunition and spare parts. Makes Taliban arguably the best armed militant group in modern history”

It will be interesting to see how Asia/Singapore reacts towards refugees, since we have seen Europe’s. What if…

Spent hours to balance the alignment of the bicycle’s mudguards.. the advice that works: bent it!

Amazing cave with a view, nice Rocky Mountains in Saxon Switzerland Germany

1950s International Student Debates. Unfortunately some things got better at first, then got worse now. Also, some changes has done really well. Reviewing the title should be β€œAll the hopes we had 50 years ago”

@raucao for example, just like different surgeries have different risks - people should be well informed of the risk and percentages of side effect - get mentally/things prepared for it.

Not faking "we've done a lot of this, there's normally no issue".

Not really into watching football these days but just liked to watch some highlights.. there are so many fake videos on YouTube these days 🀦🏻

i think doing covid-19 test is a good business now πŸ˜„ there are so many test centers popped out in Berlin. Status: you need a quick antigen test to have a meal at the restaurant (outdoor seating)

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