What a great title.. β€œoldest captive” I’m wondering will she rather die young and free, or old and captive πŸ₯Ί

Just learned that this guy β€ͺ@vilvaathibanpb‬ did 6 talks in meetups in October 2019, crazy dev! but yea it was interesting hack and tell today hosted by @prisma about , interetinb example of WS subscription! keep up the good hack!πŸ€“

Went to a meetup hosted by @XAIN_AG, evangelize about federated learning, interesting.. it’s a good first step, a bit like differential privacy, also chicken and egg problem about β€œopen” data and improve tech about ML (from the discussion and I think)

@syrian_archive founder shares about his work and challenges

@syrian_archive @disrupt_berlin

In Berlin, stickers on the toilet wall sometimes looks like a design showcase. Important thing: the toilet is sparkling clean, even the wall looks chaotic. love the chaos

so nice to have a group of coworkers going for some warm wine with you when the weather is cold

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Upgraded Airbnb's server side @reactjs@twitter.com renderer to @nodejs@twitter.com v8.9 from v6.11 πŸš€

Avg server response time fell 32%, P95 fell 50%, but P99 doubled (seemingly due to slow gcs). Boot-up time improved 30%. Adds to our React 16 wins twitter.com/lencioni/status/93 πŸŽ‰

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Code, conferences and noodle soup - a summary of how I spent 2017 doing devrel in UTC+5 and above.

Checking out crypto talks @wire@twitter.com today. I was actually curious because of their haskell code. its ios/android protocol code is in rust (at @Wire HQ in Berlin) swarmapp.com/c/c5ffgKZfzrN

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Using Xiaomi Flora + HA + Homebridge to monitor soil temperature, soil moisture and light intensity of my hydrangea pot in HomeKit. The sensor detects soil conductivity too, but HomeKit does not have such characteristic.

Wednesday Berlin: Mogensen-Scott Encoding (by Alexander), Type of Sound (by Daniel) (@ red pineapple media in Berlin) swarmapp.com/c/hPBi5RsZtUs

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Reminder of how much some dudes in this industry hate women.

This comment is on my Quantum article, the 20th most upvoted post on Hacker News of all time

wondering where do they get green papayas to make somtum in berlin? (at @BangkokCityDe in Berlin) swarmapp.com/c/9HhmZT3FyjB

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